Super-Sale (when yur MOST broke)

January 25, 2010

Ever notice that EVERYTHING is cheap when ya just spent a fortune during the holidays?

So I´m at the surf shop (just looking!) and of course I spot a board I have wanted forever but it just seemed to spendy, until now. The dude at Surfers Paradise (our local hardware pimp in Varberg) KNOWS I been spyin this ride for like forever and just HAS to mention that it´s half price to make room for the “new” boards.

I knew better but when I yanked my wallet out, opened it and after the dust settled (all that was in my wallet) I says to the guy “I´ll gladly pay you thursday for a hamburger today”. He must not be a big PopEye fan cos he did´nt even flinch. So I tried the “Dude, can ya just like hide it in back for a few days” routine and BOOM! I guess he took that as meaning “I´ll take it” cos 3 hours later he stops over at my place, unloads the board and says “I´ll send ya a bill mate”

So long story short: I walk into the surf shop broke, open an empty wallet, come home and I have a new board. More broke than I was when I started, not really sure what even happened, 3 degree water for 3 more months and an ice-cubes chance in hell of giving up my new ride.

Funny how we always find “Great deals” at  exactly the wrong times. Reminds me of an Alanis Morissett track: Ironic



Merry Christmas!

December 9, 2009

December in Sweden is like………..well December in Sweden. If not for the salt content in the water on our west coast we could ice skate to Denmark.

Even with two 5mm wetsuits, chemical warm packs on the family jewels, booties, lobster claw gloves and a full balaklava, the walk from the parking lot to the water is enough to make me turn around and run back to the car. Add to that the fact that even on a “big” day we sit just outside the breakwater hoping for a tanker to pull in so as to use the wake for an extra foot in wave height.

On the bright side though, Christmas is Old World cool. 1200 years of history, food, drink and Viking-like celebration. One thing for certain is that the Vikings of old were NOT surfers. No matter how much grog they drank there is no way they braved the frigid waters of the north sea in nothing but animal skins. I mean they were hard asses no doubt but….

Anyway, if you live below the 60th parallel north consider “winter” in your neck of the woods tropical by comparison. If on Christmas morning the thermometer outside your window reads above -20, put down the cocoa and grab a beer instead. Raise it up and say a toast to your fellow surfers in the world that have not felt their lower extremities since September. Wish us the strenght and mental fortitude to pull on our 1/2 inch thick rubber Michelin man suits and make that walk from the car to the water (without getting arrested and shipped off to the looney bin).

In return we wish you a warm and Merry Christmas 🙂


Wag the dog

November 30, 2009

I think I saw a film once, something about the guys behind the scenes that were responsible for taking the facts and spinning them so as to “mold” the story to fit their cause. Nothing new in that I suppose, happens all the time. The liberals are masters at it, lol.

What I find funny, no, hillarious is to what lengths some will go to gain support for their cause in SL  using the same methods usually reserved for high-powered “Spin-Doctors” in Washington.

The good news ( always searching for the positive hidden in the crap pile ) is that the folks that believe this BS are only followers and never leaders. The bright folks see through the spin, the less bright do not. It´s a + – thing. Negative energy (bullshit) is overcome by positive energy (truth).

Surf, laugh, dance, teach, welcome and share. The energy you create around you will nullify the BS, will serve not only yourself but those around you and will take the wind from the sails of those using negative energy to plot their course.

As the SL surf season winds down I hope it ends on a positive note. After all, we spend our free time in SL to escape the daily grind, to have fun with our friends and to make new ones. No room for spin, drama and needless BS 😉


Here we go again

September 5, 2009

Only 1 comp into the new season and already we  riders slamming the integrity, judgement and decisions of TRAINED, EXPIERENCED, VOLUNTEER judges. When is the SHITE gonna end?

Better to ignore it I hear you say? Better to just let these people vent, badmouth and spread poison and cause dissent? Better for who?

It does´nt take a rocket scientist to understand that people are pushing these riders buttons, pulling their strings and using them as  tools to keep this whole Anti-SLSA campaign alive. The question is how long do we let them kick dirt on the Umpires shoes before we toss them outta the game?

In EVERY sport, EVERY sport that use judging as a way of measuring performance these kinds of protests are met with disqualification, point reductions even bans.Why should SL surfing be any different?

The underlying problem is of course that there are folks showing up at the comps for all the wrong reasons but not much we can do about that. That winning for some is more important than anything else and that by not being rewarded perfect 10´s on every ride can only mean that there is some kind of conspiricey brewing is laughable but still. That´s not the point.

I for one am tired of this crap and nothing would make me happier than if people like this would take up sim-boarding (or pottery). No disrespect to those of you that enjoy simboarding 🙂

Tell ya what, if you can´t respect the decisions made by the judges, have nothing but negative things to say about the organisation that works it´s collective arse of on your behalf, can never volunteer your own time for positive change, still surf in SL to win and not to have fun, then as far as I´m concerned you can pack up your boards and surf in another series.

Or you can continue to contribute nothing, spread hatred and negative energy, cause discontent, feed the puppeteers so as to avoid thinking for yourselves and be only remembered as doing so.



June 30, 2009

Aloha – Why is it that humans, the most intelligent creatures on this planet find it necessary to kick each other in the teeth to obtain the illusion of superiority? Think about that while you read this…………

The recent events in the SL surf scene (you knew this was coming) have grown to circus like proportions. What has always been a fun place to hang out with friends and do silly things on virtual waves has become a battleground riddled with personal agendas, vengence, politics and power struggles.

What happened that caused the people that voted me onto the SLSA board of directors to a few months later question every decision my colleuges and I make? What was it that caused people to question the scores at nearly every contest, accuse “us” of  “rigging” comps, conspiring to keep certain riders in or out of the Hall of Fame and cry foul when we used the rules of our organiation to penalise them for violating established rules? When did the love of hanging out together get replaced with the need to beat each other to death?

I´ve asked myself that question alot lately. Searched for some tangible “something” to get ahold of in an effort to eliminate that something from SL surfing. Then I realised it´s human nature to tear each other apart in an effort to get what we want.

I have always, in every decision that I have been involved with, acted with total disregard for how it afffects me personally and instead chosen to use my influence on the board of directors to push for decisions with the membership, the surfers best interest foremost.

What did I get for it? Kicked in the teeth. The rumour mill has gone so far as to suggest that I and a few of my collegues are out to “destroy the SLSA”. Who or what elements are making the accusations? Who knows. No one seems to have the guts to approach me personally with their concerns. Probablly because they know that they would be met with friendly, respectfull and genuine answers. Things that they are not real good at.

In any case, serving a community that has nothing but disregard for my effort has taken it´s toll to say the least. I´m torn between honouring my oath to serve my entire term and throwing in the towel all together.  The coming days will certainly make my decision easier but without a crystal ball the best thing for me to do is wait and see.

My father always says “If you have nothing positive, uplifting or inspiring to say, say nothing at all”. Smart dude my old man.


Back 2 Basics

March 8, 2009

SL surfing has been incredibally rewarding for me. Not just competing but hosting, sponsering, judging and serving on the SLSA board of directors has been soooo much fun.

Recently, at an SLSA comp the tone had changed. The spirit that has always held us together as a community was poisoned by a few people that seem to have never really understood why we surf together.

This post if ever read, will inevitably infuriate those boneheads that find it neccesary to spam the staff at surf comps, trash talk in public chat in the stands and spread negative energy. Quite frankly I don´t care. I´m of the opinion that surfing in SL is about having fun. I´m of the opinion that griefing is hate and hate has no place at a surf comp. I´m of the opinion that 40 people having fun is more important than your right to grief. I´m of the opinion that sportsmanship and fair play must be our focus. I´m of the opinion that respect is a 2 way street and that those who choose to show disdain for their fellow surfers and staff members should be disqualified.

It is my hope that this was an isolated incident and that with some polite reminders pointing to the SLSA Rules of Conduct we can once again return to having fun and respecting each other. I have no problem listening to the concerns of my fellow surfers, complaints, protests, whatever. What I do demand is respect as should we all. Expect it not if your are not willing to give it.

Back 2 Basics – Surf because it´s fun! Cheer your fellow surfers on, regardless of team affiliation. Spread positive energy. Suck it up if ya have a bad day and cheer for others instead! Lighten up – perspective is in order. Give and recieve. Sportsmanship is classy, fair play is expected. Together we ride, together we belly 🙂


Simply amazing

January 20, 2009

A month ago I said goodbye to Bishara still hopng really that it would somehow show up on my map. In the days and weeks since then, old friends from all over SL have called, opened their homes and their sims to Lissa and I. O and Lala, ty so much for the soft landing spot (with Pipe waves in the front yard). Amazing.

Then, while searching for a new project, new friends called and offered new opportunites, partnerships, land to consider, inventory and help. Amazing

As if that were not enough, one day while sim hopping/shopping I found an empty sim with 3 pipe waves rezzed. No neighbours, safe on all sides and For Sale even! A quick right-click to get some owner info and, amazing. Turns out this lonlely sim was owned by an old friend and Bishara local!

After a short (persuasive) convo, DD decided to keep the sim and allow me to create something new, a new surf spot. I spent a week or so terra-forming, landscaping and placing objects in all the right spots 🙂 We had some pipe waves down to play on while building and the only thing missing was a BIG wave.

A few days later I got an e-mail from Dumi, his incredibly kind offer to empty his inventory including the Epic. Amazing

See a pattern here?

THEN, Seb called and ask me to meet him on the new sim in 10 minutes and BOOM! A new Epic wave was rezzed and pounding the shores. Amazing

End of the beginning?

December 11, 2008

Aloha – Been forever since I posted but now it´s time again.

Last night I sent a group notice to the Bishara group (in SL) and I have to say that it was the hardest one ever. The group IM window exploded of course and I waited 20 minutes to respond, watching the chat and giving everyone a chance to vent. I then offered some info and some solid numbers on what it takes to keep Bishara running. Think it suprised everyone when they got to see for themselves what SL actually costs the sim owners.

As I never really had the chance nor did I want to add any “personal” perspective, this post and this “channel” will have to suffice. First of all and for the record, let it be known that it has been my greatest pleasure working for Dumisani and all of you. I know I speak for all of the managers and officers when I say that the whole Bishara project has been a blast. Dumi allowed us, provided for us a place to live and play in SL that other sims owners will be trying to match for a long time to come. We managed to create SL´s premier surfing paradise and for well over a year (which is a lifetime in SL) we were at the top of the heap. No bots, no gambling, no camping, no sex clubs, no weapons. Just honest good times and traffic off the charts.

As with all things in life, both RL and SL, time does´nt stand still. Things change, people move and life goes on. Perspective is in order here I suppose. It´s a “game”. We played and we played hard. We surfed, laughed, got drunk and then surfed some more. And we will continue to do so just someplace else. Bishara was a great place and will be remembered as such.

So thanks for all the good times, the support and the passion that you have all invested. Look forward to new things in SL. New places to surf and hang out, new friends and new beginnings.



To what end?

August 26, 2008


Ever since I first set foot in SL I have been amazed at the possibilities. I started surfing in rl at the age of 5, my dad helping me drag this HUGE Brewer down the beach at Newport. Even then the “real” surfers I remember as being the coolest dudes, always willing to help me learn. I was 5 but I was welcomed like one of the “locals”. Surfing and the surfing way of life became imbedded in my DNA and SL seemed like the perfect chance to get new riders stoked on surfing.

To that end I have been fortunate enough to find myself in an environment in SL that allows me to spread the “vibe” as it were. Everything I do in SL is done to help other people have fun and thereby allows me to have fun. I´m not blowing my own horn here, just wondering what motivates certain people in the SL surf scene.

So, my question is this: To what end does grief, negative energy, ego, conflict and drama serve? Do we not get our fair share of those things in RL?

Shake it off BEFORE you log and after you log come visit a “true” surf beach in SL. Leave the grief and all the rest at home in rl and chill with your friends on the beach. Catch some waves, teach someone to surf, share the vibe.

That´s what SL is, for me anyway.

Paddle hard,


Don´t worry, be happy

August 11, 2008

They grief, we RIDE!

OK, so we had this awesome surf contest on Sunday the 10th of August and despite an attack on the sim by some bonehead, managed to have WAY to much fun again. Nothing like creating new surf junkies of innocent young avatars 🙂

Thanks everyone for coming out to surf and special thanks to “The Crew” for all your hard work.

Next up is the Boneyard this coming weekend for the SLSA 2008 part II opener on Saturday and then a very special day on Wimbi Island on Sunday 🙂